Hunting Gps & Land Ownership Maps Faq

Q. Does i-Hunting support offline maps?

A. Yes, you can download offline maps using the steps below:

     - Tap on icon  on top left on your device. This will show data grid.
     - Tap to select grid cells you wish to get. If you already have data for a grid cell, it will show as green.
     - Tap "Press to Download


Q. How do I view what attributes you have available for a specific layer?

A.  - Tap on Layers button on top right

    -  Next to every layer you should see an Info Button. Tap on Info Button to see what all attributes are available.

    - To re-center the map on that layer, tap on "View on Map"


Q. How I change the unit for elevation contours?

A. You can change the unit for elevation contours under settings:

-Tap menu/overflow button and select Settings-

- Change elevation unit to feet/meter/fathom

- Tap on Save


Q. How do I view latitude, longitude at a point?

A. To enable lat lonlayer, please do the folloing:

- From homescreen of the app tap on menu/over flow button on top right (lower right on iOS) and select "Settings"
- Check the box that says "Display Lat Lon Bar"
- Touch Save
With this option set, the app shows the latitude, longitude of the point
Q. How do I change the coordinate type from degrees to degree minute?
A. - Press menu/overflow button on lower right. ( top right on Android)
- Select settings
- Change coordinate type to what you wish (degree /degree-minute/degree-minute-second)
- Tap on save
Q. Do you have land ownership data for my town/city/county/region?
A. We are constantly working (literally our bots are working 24/7) to improve our coverage for parcel geometries and ownership attributes. 
The best way to find out what layers we have available is to use our free Hunting Gps Maps & Land Ownership website viewer.